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Every Wednesday, on Deep Space Now Hillary and Nic revisit an episode of the classic sci-fi show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Sometimes the discussion is silly, sometimes it's serious, but with Deep Space Nine, there's always something worth talking about.
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Mar 29, 2017

Hillary and Nic close out their discussion of the climactic second part of the pilot! We talk about the importance of perception in this episode, how Star Trek treats deities, try to wrap our head around non-linear time and spend a larger than expected amount of the running time talking like pirates.


P.S. Yes, at the end we do list the wrong episode as being next in line. We know, we caught it after recording the outro. Don't worry, Past Prologue is coming at ya next Wednesday!

Mar 22, 2017

Hillary and Nic dive into the very first part of the very first episode of the classic Sci-Fi show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! What wonders and weirdness await in Emissary: Part 1? We talk about the introductions of the characters, the set up of the series premise, and possibly the strangest beach scene ever filmed.

Mar 17, 2017


Hi Everybody! I'm very excited to be able to announce that this podcast will soon be available to the public at large.


I know what you're thinking though. You have questions.

"What is this podcast about and who the hell are you?"

"Why should I care?"

"Is cake or pie the superior desert?"


Hold onto your hats because I'm about to answer off a few of those for you.


"What is this show about and who the hell are you?"

This podcast is about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The show was special and touched upon themes and ideas in a way that no other Trek show really has before or since. But it doesn't just stand as something special when looked at against other Treks. The show stands out amongst all the shows of it's day, Sci-Fi or otherwise. That said, it was a different time. Fourteen years ago to be precise. Has it's message become dated and irrelevant as progress outpaced our dreams, and understanding sped past our speculation? Or has it become even more relevant as the issues we face shift and change, the old abstractions and stories revealing more truth and cause for debate than we could have possibly expected back in 1993?

The fact is, there's only one way to find out. Re-watch the whole dang thing, from the start, to the very end. Thus, my co-host Hillary Bradfield, and I, Nic Rudy, proudly unveil this podcast.

Join us in our mission, to boldy go where a ton of people went back in 1993. To explore decades old episodes and one of the most celebrated fictional universes ever to have been created. Join us for Deep Space Now.


"Why should I care?"

Wow, harshly spoken. Getting just a hint of passive aggressiveness there. But to answer your question, speculative fiction allows us to see the world and the issues we face in a new way, an abstracted way. It allows us to contemplate and anticipate problems decades or even centuries before they actually have to be addressed. It allows us to look at the world through a different lens. But beyond that, I think we all benefit by looking back at what we once dreamed the future might be like, and seeing how that differs from how we now dream it. What has changed tells us a lot about ourselves and our culture as much as it does the state of the world in general.

Also, come on dude, it'll be fun.

We're watching freaking Star Trek!


"Is cake or pie the superior desert?"

Whoah. I try not to get involved in religious debates of this sort. People have died over this sort of thing. I'm not going to enter the ring on this lightly. Ask your spiritual leader or philosopher of choice. I'm sticking to fake space station politics for now.


Well that's all folks, I'll be updating again when I have an exact date for the premier of the first episode.


Till then-

See you next time space cowboys

-Nic Rudy