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Every Wednesday, on Deep Space Now Hillary and Nic revisit an episode of the classic sci-fi show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Sometimes the discussion is silly, sometimes it's serious, but with Deep Space Nine, there's always something worth talking about.
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May 31, 2017

Hillary and Nic do a cost benefit analysis on being the Nagus in this episode of Deep Space Now. We bargain for more time with best buds Jake and Nog, appraise the Ferengi stylings of Wallace Shawn, and buy up all the family drama we can obtain. Will we find ourselves in a bull or a bear market? Will all the columns add up, or will our audit find us spaced out an airlock? Find out in this brand new episode of Deep Space Now!


Episode Covered: The Nagus

May 24, 2017

Hillary and Nic find themselves inside the most nightmarish Cheesecake Factory ever built in this episode of Deep Space Now. To escape they'll have to solve the riddle of Jake's questionable knowledge about dating, look for clues in some fantastic dialogue deliveries and character moments, and compose a winning strategy for how to handle diplomatic relations between two vastly different cultures. Yeah, we're goners. I thought we had a shot till that last one. The difficulty really ramps up suddenly at the end of this game it seems. Well we'll still give it our best shot!


Deep Space Nine episode being covered: Move Along Home

May 17, 2017

In this slightly gassy episode Hillary and Nic discuss the horrifying nature of the conceit of this plot, the jaw dropping amount of technobabble and a cat fight between security officers, one of whom could turn into a literal cat if he wished just to get those free 8 extra lives. Oh, and it wouldn't be complete without a look at one of the more bizarre acting choices we've seen so far on this show. All this and more!


Episode covered this week: The Passenger

May 10, 2017

Hillary and Nic join the DS9 crew in a legal argument for Dax's very life! We look at the evidence of what makes a person a person, cross examine the selection of secondary characters in this episode, and hold Julian in contempt. Not of court, but just in general. Dudes got boundary issues something awful. What's the verdict? You'll have to listen to find out!


Episode of the week: "Dax"


May 3, 2017

Q snaps his way onto Deep Space Nine in the episode Q-Less, and Hillary and Nic counter with their discussion about the most memorable banker in all of Star Trek, Q's abusive relationship with Vash, Julian's smooth moves and some how we end up talking about nipples. I blame Q. He's a tricksy one he is.