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Every Wednesday, on Deep Space Now Hillary and Nic revisit an episode of the classic sci-fi show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Sometimes the discussion is silly, sometimes it's serious, but with Deep Space Nine, there's always something worth talking about.
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Jul 26, 2017

This week on Deep Space Now, Hillary and Nic face a station where wishes have become reality! To escape this waking dream we ponder the effects of having Bashir's fantasy version of Dax made flesh, question how quickly Kira agrees to an extremely risky course of action, and keep a running and lengthy tally of the many horndogs within this episode!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode covered: If Wishes Were Horses

Jul 19, 2017

In this episode Hillary and Nic find themselves in the way of Progress! In order to avoid getting steamrolled over they'll debate Mullibok's character, protest over whether or not Kira is acting in character, petition for more hijinks with Jake and Nog. and hold a hearing over how to say Self Sealing Stem Bolts five times fast. All this and more in this episode of Deep Space Now!

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode Covered in this episode is "Progress"

Jul 12, 2017

In this episode Hillary and Nic talk to production illustrator Jim Martin who, in addition to working on Deep Space Nine has worked on Starship Troopers, Alien:Ressurection, The Matrix Reloaded, Princess and the Frog, Oblivion, Big Hero 6 and more! We talk with him about what it was like to jump into Deep Space Nine as his first art job, the many things he worked on as a part of that team such as the Defiant and the Bajoran Solar Sailing ship, and how he has kept the passion and the enthusiasm for art alive throughout his career!

You can check out some of Jim's work at these two links:

Jul 5, 2017

In this episode Hillary and Nic gather around to hear a story which, if told poorly, could destroy an entire village! We'll set up a compelling hook looking at the intriguing premise of the B plot. We'll raise the stakes by discussing Bashir and O'Brien's awkward flight to Bajor. We'll reach our climactic third act by discussing the three awkwardly long sequences in the episode, and we will resolve with plenty of wicked cool chariot stats, because that's what all the cool people are talking about these days, right? All this and more in this episode of Deep Space Now!


Episode Covered: The Storyteller