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Every Wednesday, on Deep Space Now Hillary and Nic revisit an episode of the classic sci-fi show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Sometimes the discussion is silly, sometimes it's serious, but with Deep Space Nine, there's always something worth talking about.
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Dec 12, 2018

In this short bonus runabout Hillary and Nic meet up in person outside a bar to review another Star Trek Madlibs. There will be disturbing facts about tribbles, and an impromptu dance number. In short, the usual for whenever Hillary and Nic are in the same space.

Nov 28, 2018

Hillary and Nic find the station at the whim of fate, as the crew deals with increasingly bizarre and unlikely events. Will they beat the odds and find something interesting about this episode's antagonist? How much will they bet on the latest evolution of the O'Brien/Bashir dynamic? Is the technobabble in Ops a critical hit or a critical fail? They'll address all this and more in this episode of Deep Space Now.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode covered: Rivals

Nov 8, 2018

Hillary and Nic talk about Hillary's recent wedding and brainstorm some extremely unconventional Star Trek themed weddings in this week's runabout.

Oct 11, 2018

Hillary and Nic find Kira in the middle of an awkward request for sanctuary this week. Will they properly assess the episode's treatment of a new species as a metaphor for immigration? Will they correctly process the lengthy section where the universal translator isn't up to snuff? More importantly is there something untoward about a 15 year old boy tutoring a Dabbo girl or is Jake just making it up to get Ferengi high fives from Nog? All this and more is covered in this week's Deep Space Now!


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode covered - Sanctuary

Sep 20, 2018

Hillary and Nic broaden their cultural horizon so far it reaches past the horizon all the way to Qo'noS. Yep, we're digging into Klingon Opera. More specifically the real life Klingon opera 'U' which we watched and discuss here in this runabout!

Sep 6, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic find Sisko in the midst of a most unusual romance. Will Sisko locate his lady in red? What are the ethics of prepping for a date with an abuse of station authority and the aid of the head of security? Do terraformers make the worst husbands? We'll investigate all of these questions and more this week on Deep Space Now!


Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode covered: Second Sight

Aug 24, 2018

In this quick little runabout episode, Hillary and Nic take a moment to discuss the recent announcement of the return of Patrick Stewart's return to the role of Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Aug 16, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic flashback to the past of Deep Space Nine as an attempt on Quark's life brings up an old unsolved case. They'll fade to a discussion on color schemes, reminisce about noir elements, and dissolve into a conversation about a questionable assassination plan.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode covered: Necessary Evil

Aug 3, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic reteam with special guest Veronica Garcia to once again create an episode of Star Trek out of some very unusual facts. There will be dancing cows, a big musical number in ops, and some very heartfelt moments with the O'Brien family.

Also, Veronica Garcia's book Luno Finds a Home is now available to purchase on Amazon at this link!

It's a fantastic illustrated story about a cat finding it's home and a household finding it's cat. In addition, a portion of the proceeds go to Kitty Bungalow!


Jul 27, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic find themselves in the middle of the business opportunity of the century with Quark, the Nagus, some angry Dosi, and a Ferengi named Pel who has a secret. They'll have to re-examine the Nagus for fine print, haggle over the episode's treatment of women in the workplace, and renegotiate the love subplot in order to make sure they get a sweet deal.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode covered: Rules of Aquisition

Jul 19, 2018

Hillary and Nic take a break from talking about episodes to talk about Mad Libs again. This time they tackle Nic's misspelling of titles, the frat house living of cadets, sentient beverages and Starfleet Academy's most famous and unexpected alumni.

Jul 12, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic navigate the tension between two different pairs on Deep Space Nine. They carefully chart the romantic gravity between Bashir and Melora, the new wheelchair bound ensign. Then they steer around the death threats emanating from one of Quark's old friends coming to settle an old debt. Finally they crash land straight into a character's name that's impossible not to make fun of...a lot.


Deep Space Nine Episode covered: Melora 

Jul 5, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic take a break from discussing Deep Space Nine to discuss the potential repercussions of one of the Star Trek Mad Libs.

Jun 27, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic find themselves in the midst of some tricky issues when a Cardassian boy raised by Bajorans becomes the subject of a custody struggle. They untangle through the webs of O'Brien's fairly open racism, the delightful threads of Garak's charm, and the grim realities of the episode's ending. All this and more on this weeks Deep Space Now!


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode covered - Cardassians

Jun 21, 2018

Hillary and Nic take a break from Deep Space Nine this week to discuss Discovery, the first new Star Trek show in quite a while.

The first half of the conversation was recorded shortly after the first two episodes premiered, and the second half was recorded shortly after the season finale.

Jun 7, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic have to survive some rather invasive procedures along with the crew of the Deep Space Nine when intruders come on board. They scan the performances of the guests, probe the disturbing timeliness of the villains justification, and diagnose Quark's horrible whines of pains. All that and more on this week's Deep Space Now.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode Covered - Invasive Procedures 

May 31, 2018

In this Runabout we welcome Veronica Garcia to the show to play a game where she provides strange facts and we do our best to transform them into a Star Trek episode pitch! In this case, a pitch that involves more digestion based drama and space dolphins than the typical Deep Space Nine episode.


You can purchase some of Veronica's art on her Redbubble shop

May 24, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic brave a bumbling evil Bajoran Steven Weber, embrace the thrill of a Dax/Kira adventure, and risk the dietary nightmare that is spider sandwiches as the crew of Deep Space Nine tries to stop a coup in it's tracks.


Deep Space Nine episode covered: The Siege

May 16, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic take a break from Deep Space Nine to look into the Black Mirror at the Star Trek inspired episode "USS Callister."

May 9, 2018

This week Hillary and Nic stumble upon a conspiracy within Bajor and watch as the crew struggles to deal with the absence of everyone's favorite Bajoran Major. In this episode we fall over ourselves trying to keep up with Kira's ever expanding unplanned farewell party, bump into the ethics of exposing someone to an unexpectedly steamy hallucinogenic vision, and crash into the question of whether merely being a part of a trilogy of this sort makes it more difficult for the episode to work on its own.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode covered - The Circle

May 3, 2018

Hillary and Nic take a break from Deep Space 9 for a week to talk about the Star Trek influenced TV show The Orville. Half of this episode was recorded after we watched the first episode and half after the first season ended.

Apr 25, 2018

Hillary and Nic return from their hiatus to investigate the whereabouts of a famous Bajoran freedom fighter with the crew. They reconnect with the crew, discuss using Bugs Bunny tactics in warfare, and thrill to the introduction of Skeletor Nixon. All this and more this week in Deep Space Now!


Star Trek:Deep Space Nine episode covered - The Homecoming